Sunday, November 3, 2013

I Am Not A Culture Warrior, But...

I am not a culture warrior. But if I were, I'd realize that the tactics the culture warriors have been employing are ineffective.

I'd see that TRUST is the most-essential building block of a relationship, and has been sorely lacking in relationships for a long time. We have a culture, today, full of people who are untrustworthy, and who are incapable of trusting a member of the opposite sex.

Young women have been led to believe that males all have the same character, and it's a rotten one; so, instead of evaluating a potential partner's character- since "men are all alike"- simply pick the best-looking douchebag you can get your parts on. Young women have been led to believe that good men are lame- and I'll talk more about this in a moment- so attempting to find a good man will be ultimately unfulfilling.

Young women have been taught that they are slaves to their sex organs- males are terrible creatures, and the only reason women want anything to do with them is because of the uncontrollable urge originating between their legs. Hence, a "relationship" is that state where a young woman can tolerate the man who satisfies that urge on more than a few occasions.

Young women have been taught that since men are untrustworthy and will eventually hurt them, they'd better prepare early on to hurt him back- through the family courts, through rumor mongering, and so forth- creating a state where the end of one of these sham relationships is seen as the beginning of a small war.

In essence, young women have been taught to act like perpetual victims- victims of society, victims of the male of the species, victims of their own bodies, and so forth. This, of course, serves a political end, since the progressive movement thrives on victim politics.

Young men, naturally, don't trust this creature, nor should they. Young men expect to be "victimized" by young women. They expect relationships to fail, and fail in a very nasty way; they expect to father children who will, later, be used by the young woman for her own financial gain, by exploiting him directly for money or by exploiting him through the family courts; and young men have been taught that young women "are all alike", and are all equally rotten, so just pick the best-looking bitch you can get your parts into.

Unless, of course, you're one of the young men who tries to be decent, and tries to accommodate this modern-day, fractured female of the species. Since it's impossible to be masculine around this victim of masculinity, the young man in question becomes a neutered shell of a man. He becomes "pussified", for lack of a better term. He wants a relationship, wants a family, and sees self-neutering as the only way to obtain what he wants.

TRUST is the element missing from all of this, and it is missing by design.

Consider the young woman in the photo above (photo from @DonnaBee511 on Twitter). She is a victim, but her victimizer isn't what she thinks it is. She thinks of herself as a victim of males. She has bought the lie I've described. She is, in fact, a victim of the culture of mistrust between the sexes. I pity her, because she will probably never know the wonders of a mutually-trusting relationship. When she proclaims "sometimes yes doesn't mean yes", she's really proclaiming "I don't know how to have a relationship, except by using my vagina to bargain for a temporary one".

"Sometimes yes doesn't mean yes" is a concept absolutely foreign to relationships where real, total trust is present. And this touches on another point- I feel sorry for the young men and women who will never experience the best sex a person can have, which is the sex you have with someone you trust implicitly, and who has earned that trust. Without that trust, sex is merely a game of quantity over quality; it is nothing more than "Insert Tab A Into Slot B". And it will only satisfy one's desires in the way food or drink satisfies hunger or thirst (to borrow a line from "A Stitch In Time", written by Andrew Robinson)- that is to say, only temporarily.

And for the real culture warriors, let me point something out: When progressives embarked on this culture campaign to erode trust between the sexes, they didn't invent any new tools to do it. They exploited the weaknesses in the culture which already existed. They exploited the fact that so many people were in life-long, rotten relationships because they'd decided who to marry when they were young, stupid, and horny. (We've all been young, stupid, and horny, so we can all relate to this). They exploited the rottenness of bad relationships- from which escape was exceptionally difficult- by pointing out the abuse in many of these relationships. In other words, the culture warriors' solution to this predicament is precisely what provided the progressives with the ammunition they needed. I am, of course, referring to the same culture warriors who think gay people marrying is the biggest threat to families today. Some of the best, most-trusting relationships I have seen are gay relationships, which is why I wholeheartedly support marriage equality.

If I had a teenager, I would advise them thus: Anyone who tells you sex is "no big deal" is wrong. Flatly wrong. It is something special, which is why you should only share it with someone who you trust, and who has earned that trust. And some day, you'll decide that one of those few people who is trustworthy enough to share yourself with, is the one you want to be with for life.

Of course, being my kid, they'd probably be smart enough to point out that the reason I came to this assessment is because of my extensive experience with untrustworthy people.

OK, kid, don't do what I did.

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