Saturday, November 12, 2011

Herman Cain: More Anti-Gun Than We Thought

I just recently discovered this video, from April 28th, of Herman Cain addressing a crowd in Rochester, New Hampshire, and opposing National Right-To-Carry:

From the video:
Question: What about a nationwide concealed weapons bill? Cain: Here's how I'd like that done: Let each state pass a concealed weapon bill. Empower the states- some states already have it- and not have a federal mandate. I believe in the Second Amendment.
As I stated in this post, Cain has used an argument matching that of Sonia Sotomayor regarding the applicability of the Second Amendment to the states:
Gun Control: Herman Cain's stated stance on gun control is bizarre- he seems to believe the federal government has only limited authority to regulate firearms, while the states may do so without restriction. Prior to Cain, I had only heard this position espoused by anti-gun judges (like Sonia Sotomayor)- people who favor very strict gun control but must appear to respect the Constitution. If we assume for a moment that this wasn't a "gotcha" question posed by Wolf Blitzer, and that this accurately reflects Cain's Second Amendment stance, then this is a problem.

This position also ignores an historical fact, cited by Justice Clarence Thomas in the US Supreme Court's McDonald decision (incorprating the Second Amendment on the states): The basic reasoning behind the Fourteenth Amendment was to incorporate the Second on the states. At the time of its passage, southern states were passing gun control laws intended to disarm newly-freed blacks. The fact that Cain- a southern black man who lived through segregation- misses this point, is deeply troubling to me.
If Herman Cain had only made the totally false "states' rights" argument once, it'd be forgivable as a slip-up. This is two statements, more than a month apart, both using extremely faulty Constitutional thinking.

As far as politicians claiming their individual status as gun owners as proof of their "pro-Second-Amendment" stance: I'll remind the reader that plenty of politicians who have voted for gun control laws were also privately gun owners. After all, Mitt Romney calls himself a "sportsman".

Clearly, Herman Cain has some explaining to do.

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